The Top 10 Qualities To Seek In A Landscape Management Company

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the top 10 qualities to seek in a landscaping company
The right landscape management company will keep your property looking great for years.

Selecting the landscape management company that will best meet your needs is a process that should be undertaken with care and discretion. Seeking a landscape management company that exudes passion and industry expertise is critical to ensuring that your property is beautifully transformed in a professional manner. Below are 10 qualities to seek as you choose a landscaper to meet your needs.

1) A passionate team of landscaping experts

The deep desire to produce breathtaking results is vital to obtaining results that exceed your expectations. Passion enables talented landscaping specialists to execute your vision in a way that exceeds your greatest expectations.

2) Industry experience

Selecting a well-established landscape management company will help ensure that your project is completed professionally and efficiently. Companies with a minimum of 10 years are often the best choices, as they tend to possess the expertise and scalability required to successfully handle projects of all types and scopes.

3) Accomplished landscape architects

There is a vast difference in the educational background and training of landscaping specialists. As you review landscape management companies, look for those that are owned and operated by seasoned landscape architects. Ideally, choose a company whose ownership is still regularly involved in the day to day operations and job site activities.

4) Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) membership

Professional organizations are instrumental in providing ongoing support to their members. The LCA is particularly relevant because it offers the following to members:

  • Information on the latest industry best practices
  • Continuing education
  • Certification and awards to outstanding members

5) A competent landscape management support team

A resourceful office manager and controller are invaluable to a landscaping company. A company with support staff who go beyond the call of duty to respond to your inquiries is nearly always a good choice.

6) A robust landscape management portfolio

When evaluating landscape management companies, you should always ask to view their landscape architecture portfolio. Ask to see before and after photos of landscaping projects for properties similar to yours. Ideally, these photos should be organized on the company’s website for easy viewing.

7) A customized approach to your property

No two landscaping projects are exactly alike. As you review companies, look for landscape management companies that will give your project the individualized attention that it deserves. Seek companies that show the following:

  • An interest in your special preferences and vision for your property
  • A willingness to answer your questions about the landscaping process
  • Attention to key deadlines for project completion
  • Consideration of your budget and any project limitations

8) Industry recognition for landscape management

Professional recognition is often predictive of quality results in the landscaping industry. Choosing a landscape management company with an impressive list of awards is nearly always beneficial. Awards should reflect distinction and excellence within the landscaping community.

9) Property maintenance expertise

A landscaping company should be equipped to provide regular landscaping maintenance just as professionally as large-scale projects. Seeking a company that proactively provides a recommended maintenance schedule can help maintain your property’s beauty and save money in the long run.

10) A long list of delighted customers

Superb references are a necessity when it comes to choosing a landscaping company. After all, you are essentially putting your trust in a company to design the face of your property. Be sure to request a list of references and contact them before you commit to a landscaping company.

Choosing the Best Landscape Management Company

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