A library of landscaping ebooks to educate and inspire

Expert guide to planning the landscape design of your dreams

Begin with a dream and a plan

Whether you’ve found the perfect setting to build the home of your dreams from the ground up, or you are hoping to revitalize your current landscape, you are at the threshold of an exciting journey.

This eBook will provide some guidance as you take the first steps toward putting your landscape dreams into an achievable plan.

Choosing the right kind of landscape maintenance firm

How Much Care Does My Landscape Need?

A standard landscape maintenance company will keep your lawn and gardens looking neat and presentable. But is neat and presentable enough for you? More importantly, is it enough for your gardens?

That’s the question we’ll try to help you answer in this eBook. This eBook is for the homeowner who wants to see and feel something deeply personal when they step into their backyard, or when see their home framed by welcoming front yard landscaping as they turn into their driveway.

Small yard landscaping

Intimate Spaces: Unlocking Creative Potential in Small Yard Landscaping

"I went on your website and it looks like your company only does large projects on large properties."

We get these sorts of phone calls almost weekly. Probably it’s the same for other landscaping companies. You tend to put your big flashy projects on the website portfolio because they show off the full extent of your imagination and capabilities. But the truth is that more than half of our projects are in normal sized or “small” yards. In fact, some of those flashy portfolio projects that look “big” are actually in “normal” sized yards!

The secret to surrounds landscapes for outdoor living

We make outdoor living spaces that inspire you to spend more time outdoors!

Whether you intend to personalize the landscaping you inherited from a previous homeowner, or you’re building a new home and starting from scratch, the easy part is realizing that you have to do something to complete the picture. The hard part is articulating what you want to do and finding the right type of landscape design firm to help you do it.