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The story of the project as told by the client.

“I knew what I wanted, but it wasn’t until I saw the sketches that I understood the bigger possibilities of the entire yard. We ended up with something really special.

Symmetry, Safety, and Fun for a Family of Five in Great Falls, VA

Kelann Bielick expressed distinct priorities for her landscaping project. First, she wanted neatly clipped hedges, clearly defined bed edges, generous swaths of lush green lawn, and a garden gate (of course) to evoke the ambiance of an English country garden.

Second, the garden elements, steps, and pathways would need to be safe for a special needs child with depth perception challenges. And finally, she wanted this outdoor environment to serve as a family gathering place.

In creative partnership with the client, senior landscape architect Chad Talton listened carefully to her vision and shaped it into a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

Balancing Outdoor Aesthetic with Indoors

The homeowner loved her new home but felt the outdoor aesthetic didn’t measure up to the style of the interior.

Since she had declared this a forever home, we offered ambitious recommendations such as the pool house with a soaring roof line in the backyard and a lavishly welcoming front yard design.

“I knew I wanted a place where our kids could grow up and return to as adults. We loved the recommendation of the pool house that now gets used year-round. We even had Thanksgiving outdoors when my adult son came home to cook for us in the outdoor kitchen.

Enriching the Landscape with Layers and Definition

The Surrounds landscape architect employed cleanly delineated borders, carefully etched terracing, and underlit risers on steps to make this sloped site safe for all to navigate.

The layers of greenery, stonework, and pathways enrich the landscape with symmetry and depth–while enhancing visual clarity throughout.

Although I am not sure it was intentional, the landscape design in the front and back yard contains elements of fours. The garden area has four stone planters and the front pavers area was designed with four crepe myrtles anchoring each corner.

A Creative Collaboration that Left No Stone Unturned

The homeowner had specific requirements but needed help to develop a complete vision for the landscaping.

The landscape design team created sketches that allowed her to envision various options and offered unexpected suggestions that truly captured the “spirit of place” that she sought

“They gave me such detailed sketches that I was able to visualize how the yard could take shape, and they worked with my feedback to add and adjust, to home in on the ideal outcome. I also appreciated that they showed me the plants as they went in, so I was able to make some adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.

An Outdoor Living Space for All Seasons

The client came to us with an undeveloped yard on a difficult sloped site. We took the ideas she expressed and transformed her landscape into a unique, safe, and usable space that exceeded her expectations.

The pool house she hadn’t even thought of has become a central feature of family life, and her dream of a generational family dwelling has come to fruition.

“When we moved into our home, the outside didn’t match the inside. When I pull in now, I love the way it looks. I love my yard. It adds so much to my enjoyment of our home.

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