Water Features: Waterfalls, Ponds & Fountains

Waterfalls in the Garden

Close your eyes and listen.

Water is a life force. Water features bring both the energizing sensation of movement and soothing effect of stillness to the garden atmosphere.

A landscape design that employs falling water might call for the rumpus of a splashing fountain or the soft music of a feeder stream trickling over stones at the edge of a pond.

The splashing sound of a waterfall in the landscape makes a soothing symphony of revitalizing freshness in the surrounding air, and can also serve the practical needs of aerating water for aquatic life in a pond.

The natural beauty of garden waterfalls flowing over over artful rock ledges evokes a sense of wonder.


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Garden Ponds

Embrace the stillness.

If you take a moment to notice it, the still surface of a pond has a calming effect that brings inner stillness.

Artful landscape design can recreate that effect using a lily pond populated with aquatic plants—or a simple reflecting pool.

Still waters create enchanting, restorative spaces that offer respite from a busy life. Embrace inner stillness as you pause near a carefully designed reflective pond that invites you to slow down.

Garden Fountains

Slip into the moment.

Garden fountains establish unique and captivating focal points in your landscape in a range of styles from classic to contemporary.

No matter how expansive or intimate your backyard space is, our landscape architects craft a sensory experience of sound and feeling finely tuned to please the ear as you enjoy a cooling mist.

From simple a “bubbler” with water seeping over the rim of the vessel to intricate multi-tiered cascades with a fun splash factor, we will craft your fountain design to highlight your sensory experience.

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