Immerse in relaxation.

A swimming pool is a popular backyard feature, but a custom-designed, expertly constructed pool environment is a sure place for the best of times.
Imagine memorable gatherings that make the most of your summer afternoons with inviting spaces to lounge and unwind.

Our swimming pool design projects blend the beauty and pleasure of water with a multi-purpose outdoor living space—carefully crafted to make your experience even more enjoyable.


What Clients Say

Sink into the lap of luxury.

Our talented architects add sophisticated and luxurious landscape elements— such as outdoor kitchens, service bars, changing rooms, and fire pits— into every unique swimming pool design.

Let your cares float away as you enjoy a multi-sensory experience of lush surroundings, cool waters, and soft sounds. Your pool is the perfect place to connect with family and friends or find the peaceful solace you crave.

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The first decision you make changes everything.

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Pool Water Features

A pleasure center for life.

Lagoon Style Pools

Your private paradise found.

Lagoon-style pools blend naturalistic themes such as overhanging rock, gently curving edges, or even submerged ledges for wet sunbathing.

Unique natural stone materials, split boulders, and rough slabs interspersed with border plantings add intricate details and distinct texture, creating a breathtaking swimming atmosphere that makes you want to linger.

Exhale stress and breathe in bliss. It’s your open-air paradise found.

The Swimming Pool Environment

All natural, all luxury.

No matter the shape or size of your pool, an expert blend of organic and constructed materials inspires our beautiful designs and naturalistic spa-like environments.

Inviting pool decks with meandering pathways and connections brings balance and integrity to every corner of your landscape. Wherever you turn, naturally crafted beauty abounds.

Drift into your dream pool landscape with the help of one of our talented Surrounds landscape architects.

What’s next?

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We walk the property together, talk about the possibilities, and agree to a plan of action.



We listen to your ideas, pitch some of our own, pick the best ones, and put them together in a landscape design plan that fulfills your wish list.



Enjoy the show as our skilled craftsmen transform your property. Relax while we manage every detail of construction.



Bask in confidence. Know that our meticulous garden care team will protect and nurture your newly installed landscape in the seasons ahead.


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