Open up to the open air.

Landscape structures such as pergolas, porches, and pool houses may serve as simple shelters or as fully independent outbuildings. They help to define outdoor living spaces and often serve as focal points that draw you into the landscape.

Whether you want to inhale the fragrance of a surprise summer shower without getting wet or need a break from the sun in a poolside pavilion, our shade and shelter structures are designed to keep you comfortable so you can stay outside longer.


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A place without roof or walls.

A pergola is an architectural structure with a “see through” ceiling that offers partial shade. Rafters extend perpendicular to the east-west path of the sun. So when the sun is at an angle , you’ll enjoy light shade underneath.

Many clients request pergolas as a structural framework for climbing vines. The foliage overhead cools and creates an artistically pleasing dappled light effect on the patio below

A pergola defines the area for an outdoor living room without the constraint of walls or roof. It offers a a refreshing open-ness and a pleasant sun/shade balance.


Enjoy the vista.

A well-designed porch is a beautiful extension of your home and serves as the connection to your outdoor garden space.

Porches can be open or screened and provide a space to sit and unwind or enjoy a meal as you take in the delightful view.

Perfect for entertaining or lounging, you’ll enjoy a new outdoor “room”, away from the demands of life, where you can experience panoramic landscape beauty and comfort every day—rain or shine.

Pool Houses & Pavilions

The water’s just perfect.

Pool houses and pavilions are standalone structures that elevate the aesthetics of any landscape. While pavilions can be tucked away in any part of your backyard, pool houses are always oriented towards and adjacent to your pool.

Our designers will work with you to select the ideal location for a pavilion so it becomes a destination that invites you into your backyard.

When nestled near the pool, pavilions serve as an open air pool house, and are crafted to suit your design preferences. From classical and simple styling to timber-post, tropical, cabana style, we create visually stunning and ultra-inviting poolside structures.

Some clients desire a finished interior for a pool house that could even serve as a guest cottage. More elaborate pool houses may include a fireplace, wet bar, bathroom, or a full-service kitchen.

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