Create destinations outdoors.

Our landscape architects use patios, walkways, and retaining walls to make the “floor plan” for your outdoor living space. Hardscape features create a framework for movement, visual definition, and balance among various outdoor living areas that extend your home’s livable space.

Terraced walls, steps, and walkways help us navigate changing elevations on a sloped site and introduce a variety of levels to a flat site.

Transform your yard into an artfully balanced composition where stunning hardscape features nestle within vibrant gardens to create a destination you may never want to leave.


Intricately inviting

The visual cues created by hardscaping features, such as low walls, borders, and stepping stone paths, draw you into the landscape and invite you to look, listen, and savor the moment.

Our architect-led team will expertly map out an interconnected array of destinations in your landscape using elevation changes and intriguing walkways that inject variety and make optimal use of space.

What Clients Say

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Patio Designs

Relax into pattern and palette.

The style of your patio can vary from modern, geometric patterns to rounded edges and winding lines. With an unending palette of color and texture, let your imagination run wild.

Enjoy balanced simplicity.

Experience the pure beauty of immense flagstone slabs abutting impressive stone fireplaces. The simple visual lines create clean transitions and yet the complexity of design indicates architectural mastery.

Your patio is the perfect place to unplug and unwind, as you feel the stresses of the day melt away.

Garden Walkways & Stepping Stones

Passages and destinations.

A good landscape design is a composition made of movement and rest, of passages, and destinations.

As you move toward each space in the landscape, you will feel compelled to pause and reflect, or to continue around the next turn to see what’s next.

Meandering garden paths encourage you to slow down or draw your gaze to an intriguing focal point such as a lush bed of perennials or an arbor.

Artistically laid walkways and inviting stepping-stone paths invite you to explore and be restored in the sensory pleasures of your backyard escape.

Retaining Walls & Steps

Shape your destination.

Increase the contour and definition in and around your yard with low walls and steps that create a journey through multiple layers and levels.

Low walls offer perching spots for party guests or present the perfect frame and setting to showcase lush planting beds.

What’s next?

Schedule a consultation and start our simple four-step process!


We walk the property together, talk about the possibilities, and agree to a plan of action.



We listen to your ideas, pitch some of our own, pick the best ones, and put them together in a landscape design plan that fulfills your wish list.



Enjoy the show as our skilled craftsmen transform your property. Relax while we manage every detail of construction.



Bask in confidence. Know that our meticulous garden care team will protect and nurture your newly installed landscape in the seasons ahead.


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