Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit Design

Cozy landscape vibes.

There is nothing like staying up late gazing into a crackling fire with good friends and family.

Fire is a central element in many of our landscape designs. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit invites us to linger in the garden long past twilight and into the evening chill.

The garden is a different place at night and a fireplace or fire pit lets us experience that dimension of the landscape.

We want your outdoor fireplace or firepit to be a special place in the midst of your landscape, so we create cozy relaxation destinations where you can kick up your feet while the light dances in front of you.


What Clients Say

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Outdoor Fireplace Styles

Light the night.

Choose among so many styles from a lavish stone fireplace and hearth, to rustic campfire circle, to minimalist contemporary fire table, and know that your fire feature is distinctly designed for you.

Our architects design comfy seating where more guests can gather around to enjoy the warmth and light.

Fire pits and fire tables work best in open patio areas. Outdoor fireplaces can be combined with a pavilion or porch for all weather enjoyment.

Our design team will help you select the best option for your specific style and needs. We consider all aspects of your backyard environment, and your comfort, when we choose the location for your fire feature.

The grandeur of a
free-standing fireplace

You can enjoy a free-standing fireplace for its allure and warmth. Whether the design calls for a visual anchor or a screen for neighboring buildings, a free-standing stone fireplace makes a bold statement that is sure to turn heads.

Construction materials set the tone. From rough cut stone and boulders, to block or stucco, your aesthetic options are unlimited.

No matter what style you love, your fireplace is bound to be a centerpiece for countless family memories.

Enjoy starlit nights, cozy morning brunches, soft music by the pool, and gentle warmth all year round.

Your stunning hearth and home.

You can extend the usable space of your home with vibrant fire features that invite socializing, connection, and fun.

With thoughtful ambient lighting, perfectly tuned water features and music, and exquisite outdoor seating, your fireplace or fire pit becomes a place to connect.

Storytelling, cocktails, and heart-to-hearts, we help you create stunning outdoor spaces that add vibrancy to your life.

Let us help you extend the hours of enjoyment and ease outdoors with a fire feature you love.

What’s next?

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We listen to your ideas, pitch some of our own, pick the best ones, and put them together in a landscape design plan that fulfills your wish list.



Enjoy the show as our skilled craftsmen transform your property. Relax while we manage every detail of construction.



Bask in confidence. Know that our meticulous garden care team will protect and nurture your newly installed landscape in the seasons ahead.


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