Small Yard Landscapes IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA

Amazing landscape solutions for any-sized yards.

While the Surrounds portfolio proudly showcases impressively large and luxurious landscape projects,
at least half of our projects —and some of our favorites— are those with limited outdoor space.

Here’s the truth

You don’t need endless acres of green space to create your own dream space.

Our expert design team maximizes your usable space, making the best possible use of it, so you can enjoy more relaxing, quality time outdoors.

Uneven lot? No problem. Quirky layout? We’ll adapt.
We bring innovative solutions and move mountains (of dirt!) to make your dream a reality.

If you’re feeling boxed in by an outdated, cramped, or rundown outdoor space, just wait until you see…

…the incredible possibilities for your small yard.

What Clients Say

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Unlocking Creative Potential: Small Yard Landscaping

Optimize your outdoor space with the right design so it feels more spacious.

Small yards that spark joy.

Design Principles in Small Yard Landscaping

Too many people hesitate to call because they think their space “won’t work” for what they want,
so why bother? We’re here to say…call us.

You can enjoy a gorgeous, custom small yard retreat, steps from your door.

We’ve helped thousands of people who are short on square footage, attain incredible design outcomes.

Here’s how we make the magic happen.

Design Principle 1:
Activity Zones

Our landscape architects will skillfully divide up your small yard space and create outdoor “rooms” or “activity zones” that expand the outdoor feel. Our experts have the site planning expertise to optimize space for your best outside experience.

Whether you want cozy cooking corners, fun entertaining areas or private space for quiet time, we’ll design a beautifully compact plan that meets your vision.

Design Principle 2:
Negative Space

When square footage is scarce, it’s important to develop a strategic plan. Stuffing “too many things too close together” is uncomfortable and without expert design, your small yard is at risk for feeling jam packed.

Our expert architects integrate organic transitions and balanced compositions to maintain the “breathing” room in your design.”

Design Principle 3:
Elevation Changes

Our landscape architects employ subtle elevation changes in our small yard designs, using features like beautiful steps, stone borders, decks, and built-in seating benches to create experience shifts that give the feel of different outdoor “rooms.”

The impact of a few steps up or down can carry you into a new space with a distinct purpose as you enjoy a sense of spaciousness that elevates your landscape. Enjoy moving through multiple levels as you delight in the magic of your small yard.

What Clients Say

Small yards demand ultra-creativity.

Small yards need a creative eye to maximize functionality, and the Surrounds team is highly equipped for this challenge. No matter what issues you may be facing: close neighbors, grading & drainage problems, narrow side yards…..we bring solutions.

We’ll go over your feature wish list, and check as many boxes as possible, in the most beautiful way imaginable.

We’ll bring our best minds, best ideas, and best effort to your dream project.

Connect with a Surrounds Landscape Architect to discuss your small yard landscape options.

Stop worrying about the size.

Feel the magic
in your small yard.

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Unlocking Creative Potential: Small Yard Landscaping